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Busy schedules and missing doses, isn’t it a day-to-day struggle for most of us? Yet, unknowingly, you skip your essential medications that contribute to your well-being. The Pill Reminder app is a helpful platform that reduces the chance of skipping pills. The primary objective of this app is to enhance medication adherence, tracking your doctor’s appointments and vaccine reminders. Available on both Android and iOS stores, you can easily download this app and get your medication schedule on track.

  • Delivery Time

    3 Months

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    Hourly Rate

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    Mobile App & Web App

Tools and Techniques




Pain Points

Pill Reminder reached DevPort Studio with the primary goal of building a web app from scratch, emerging as a real-life reminder to help people follow medication schedules. Furthermore, they sought to promote their app on both Android and iOS stores. Through the responsive design and user-friendly experience, they wanted us to grab the eyeballs of the targeted audience. At the same time, they also wanted to develop an admin panel to observe app usage reports and systems.

Our Approach

Experts at DevPort Studio set the stage for Pill Reminder, beginning with narrowing down the search intent of the targeted audience. Then, considering all the aspects of audience engagement, we got convinced to aim for audacious goals, including building an admin panel, launching the app on both Android and iOS stores, increasing users up to 60% in the start, and getting massive feedback from the users.


Armed with the data and missions set explicitly targeting the healthcare industry helped us improve Pill Reminder’s fan base. Additionally, we used a meticulous approach to optimizing the app resulting in better performance and protecting it with 256-bit encryption. Finally, the painstaking landing page on WordPress was an ultimate achievement when we contributed to increased traffic through the additional add-ons (SEO and Copywriting) and transformed traffic into potential leads for the brand.

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